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Performax Circular Saw

Performax cirular saw 241-0989. Performs an effective job.

Performax Circular Saw Target

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Performax Circular Saw Ebay

The diamond round saw is a great circular saw thatscillates to and from a multi-tool blade mode to provide easy cuttings and/or service work. The performax circular saw is perfect forraxing, chiseling, and other heavy work. the performax 4. 8amp circular saw kit comes with a 10 piece blade that can chop branches up to 3. 8 inch wide. It also comes with a circular saw handle and a carrying case. This saw is perfect for those who want to cut branches without harming the tree. this performax circular saw is a great choice for anyone that wants a simple to use and efficient circular saw. This saw can be used for a variety of tasks, includingprofiting from the market's largest collection of circular saws. this is a circular saw that does not require a circular saw frame. Theperforms an oscillating motion that help keep the blade clean and free of debris. The multi-tool blade can cut through wood, wood glue, and other materials with ease.